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ZM-08 Multi-purpose Aerostatic Platform

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Braked multi-purpose aerostatic platform, which can be lifted to variable heights, primarily designed to support antenna systems for radio transmission of voice and data. Multiple devices can also be installed on board, such as aerial survey devices.

This new and innovative system of aerostatic platforms, referred to as ZM-08, which has been adapted to contain gas (helium or hydrogen) in order to rise to varying heights according to the principle of Archimedes, lends itself to a wide variety of applications and thus allows for the performance of several functions in every part of the world. The invention was primarily created, to transport antenna systems to a sufficient height for the radio transmission of voice and data and to achieve a greater coverage of the land area.
On these aerostats, it is also possible to install multiple display and aerial detection devices, such as:

- Stylus Antennas
- Dipole Antennas
- Cameras capable of take 360° shots
- Motorized Cameras (Photo)
- Night vision goggles
- Thermal Imagers
- Laser
- Instruments for monitoring air pollution
- Systems for the detection of meteorological data
- Motorized spotlights
- Test devices


The main factors that make this system innovative are the following:

1 - The ability to support antennae or other equipment on the north pole of the aerostat correctly, without compromising the stability of the platform.

2 - The possibility of simultaneously using the top and bottom parts of the aircraft.

3 - Its extreme versatility allows the use of many devices on the operating field. This is all thanks to the specially designed supports that facilitate its ability to adapt effectively to the multiple devices that can be placed on board.

4 - Speed and simplicity of the operating processes for the installation or replacement of equipment. By virtue of this ability, different devices can be used during the course of the same day.

5 - Customisability, which allows you to configure the platform as needed. It allows you to remove and replace the entire support with another one of a different shape and size. Also, you can decide whether to implant and use the support on the upper part, the lower part, or on both poles where necessary.

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