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Instrumented implantable stents, grafts, and Aneurysm Detection

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Several different smart stent structures are described for placement in vessel of a mammal. The stents can be advantageously used to perform measurements of the conditions in the vessel and transmit the measurements wireless out from the patient. In some embodiments, the stent performs therapy within the vessel and may be controlled with a microprocessor, which may or may not communicate wirelessly. Some implantable devices comprise a drug delivery system based, for example, on either a microelectromechanical structure or a cover that opens upon application of an electrical current. Smart devices can be used, for example, the detect deposits in a vessel, aneurysms in the vessel or other modifications of flow in the vessel.

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This patent is one of 12 issued patents and 10 continuations or new applications in this portfolio. This patent portfolio provides a defendable market position for selected smart devices and processes; it provides a defendable market domination for all NetRehab devices. Its System for Medical Protocol Management patent, US Patent 6,827,670, was filed October 11 1999 and issued December 7 2004. It has broad, inclusive claims that were granted during a patent prosecution that expanded as it progressed, and it and its continuation can be the basis of a device strategy that will influence device markets that feature remote monitoring with automated treatment and reporting. We are looking to sell all these patents as a package. Contact us for pricing discussions.

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