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[Category : - OTHER- Camping and Outdoors - PET PRODUCTS]
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Any shod horse that walks in snow is likely to build up "snowballs" - snow and ice compacted in the hoof that is difficult to remove. Leaving snowballs in the hoof will make it difficult for the horse to walk, increase the chance of slipping and falls, and may put increased pressure on tendons and joints, so they must be removed.
Every horse person I know struggles with an ordinary hoof pick to scrape, pick and pry the snowball from their horses' feet.
The more time horse and rider spend with the hoof in the air, probably on slippery terrain, the more likely an injury will result.
The Hoof Hammer quickly and safely removes snowballs from horse hooves, with no sharp or rough edges to damage sensitive feet.
On the other side of the Hoof Hammer head is a built-in hoof pick for residual cleaning.

Rendered image is minus handle, of course.
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