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[Category : - Biking]
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The device is very lightweight and when there is no snow can be put in gepek. When it comes to snow lightly and quickly put on a bike. Bike ( motorcycle, scooter) just put it on the kit. Bike with a little modification, can be an attractive vehicle in the snow. This device is placed on a bike to be able to drive in the snow.
The rear wheel axle bike (scooter) is inserted into the carrier. The front wheel is put into the bay front bearing. The drive can be directly from wheels on the snow or using a caterpillar or additional wheels for snow. For drives caterpillar power is transmitted from wheels on the caterpillar, gears, chains or friction directly from rubber wheels.
Additional power for turning caterpillars or wheels can be done from an electric motor (Hub), which is supplied with electricity from the battery. Snow bike kit driven with the rear wheel without ski.
Torque is transmitted from bicycle wheel on wheel a, which is on the same axle with wheel snow b. . Rear wheel bike set to carriers and these brackets rely on the framework on which is on the top end is mounted wheels tires and wheels for snow which revolve around the same axis.
With bicycle wheel torque is transmitted to the wheel tire friction. Extra power gives el.motor that is built on the axle wheels for snow. In the midst of weight cyclists compress the springs and shock absorbers bicycle wheel and wheels for snow penetrate into the snow depending on the softness of the snow and swivels together drives bike. The left and right wheels have the option of different speeds depending on the radius of the curve and this allows them to differential. Torque wheels with tires over planetary gear is transferred to the sun gear.
Planetary gear transmits torque from the wheel a to the wheel b

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