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Majic Lift

[Category : - CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENT- Lawn and Garden]
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The Majic Lift is a patent pending universal attachment for shovels, snow shovels and pitchforks with has angle and leverage adjustment capability.

The Majic Lift's leverage eliminates the need to lift with the lower back on the initial stage where resistance from rocks, roots, sod, ice or snow is needed to be broken.

After the insertion of the tool, instead of lifting to pry the resistance, risking straining the lower back, shoulders, neck and cardiovascular system, the user simply presses down on the handle.

After the initial resistance is broken the recommended lifting with the legs can be utilized. This reduces strain, injury, reduces energy and time needed to accomplish the task.

There are no existing technologies which provide the medical benefits and utilize physics to optimize the function of long handle tools.

The only products on the marked are the primitive designed long handled tools which necessitated the Majic Lift's invention. These tools have remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years.

The Majic Lift is an evolution of the outdated design, providing safety and efficiency. The Majic Lift as an attachment and/or built in component of a tool handle will be sought after by past and future consumers.

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