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Buy the patent: Room Corner and Molding Paintbrush (Patent for sale)

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Room Corner and Molding Paintbrush

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There are many choices of paintbrushes, pads and rollers to quickly and easily paint walls but no good choices to quickly and easily paint corners and molding. My patent pending sponge paintbrush fills this market void and changes the corner and molding brush market from moderately priced, multi-purpose, durable brushes to inexpensive, special-purpose, and disposable brushes without any change in manufacturing cost of the brushes. Walls are best painted with rollers; wall corners, ceiling corners and molding are best painted with this patent pending brush. To manufacture this brush all the steps currently used to manufacture sponge brushes remain unchanged with the exception of the mold that is used to form the paint dispensing surface of the brush. The mold needs to be changed to produce a new paint dispensing surface profile for each type of molding. I have an illustrated description of this new paintbrush should you be interested in more information about the brush. To get a copy of this description please email me at [Use the button below to contact me] and ask for a copy of the description. The provisional patent number is #US 62/204,714.

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In the paint aisles of Lowes or Home Depot and other stores there are rollers, roller handles and roller pans shrink-wrapped into bundles. They all look alike and I expect most people just pick one up. The “Corner Brush” could be bundled with the roller / pan bundle to add some differentiation to the bundle plus provide the buyer with a more complete room painting kit. The current roller / pan bundles pull replacement sales for rollers since most people throw out the rollers and keep the handle and the pan. The “Corner Brushes” in the original bundle (a tagalong sale) could also pull sales of replacement “Corner Brushes” establishing a standalone market for “Corner Brushes”. Bundling with the roller / pan bundle could start this new paintbrush market at a very low cost. All that is needed is to get one roller / pan bundler to put “Corner Brushes” in their bundle. Since all that is needed to make these new paintbrushes is to change the mold on the current production lines the cost to the bundler would also be minimal.

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