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A 3 Way Shoe Prototype

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles- Footwear- DESIGN PATENTS]
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My shoe can be worn in 3 different ways according to the person’s choice, it can be an urban high-top sneaker, a low canvas/loafers for casual wear and also as a slipper for indoors.
Once manufactured it will give the general public an easy go to shoe for all occasions, also it will help in cost saving as you are able to buy 3 versions in one than having to buy 3 separate shoes for different occasions.
I am looking for investors to fund my project and buy 80% of it as I am currently a student and do not have the funds and everything else needed to go forward with my project.
The Industry
Once manufactured, the shoe will change the fashion and footwear industry as it will be the first of its kind.
I believe it will be received well in the fashion industry and people will be interested to buy it.
In Conclusion
I believe this is a project that will have a great success, I am looking for a knowledgeable Investor who can assist me to turn this dream into a reality.

Financial information

i am looking for an investment of 80% that will cover all manufacturing and delivery.
i am also willing to sell my idea for a right price with the asking price at 7000 dollars

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