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Agriculture device boosting productivity

[Category : - Agriculture]
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- The invention relates to a device for protecting different articles against birds, insects and dust. The inventive device consists of a tubular element (11) comprising a flexible mesh or a non-woven fabric, which can be closed at the upper and lower openings thereof and which encloses the article to be protected (9a,9b). The invention is also equipped with a series of hoops (17) or supports which keep the tube (11) at a certain distance from the article to be protected.

- The invention increases agricultural products productivity

- The invention reduces the use of pesticides

- The production costs are extremely low

- Applications ranges from the optmisation in growing agricultural products to preservation of agricultural products / food during transport and storage

- Studies and independant acedemic research supporting the claims

- Guidance on the production of the specific fabric to be part of the deal

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