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Ladder to wall - Maximum Wall Protection Pad

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Home repo has shown interest in this ladder pad.This is the first and only one of its kind in the world.The ladder pad provides maximum protection to all walls,sheetrock,acrylic stucco,cedar,vinyl,aluminum,paint,etc,due to the pads contact that disperses the weight evenly,and the full faced rubber pad.It also provides stability to who uses it.The pad that makes contact with the surface makes the ladder anti-slip when using the ladder properly.The men when using it are more confident and that means work proficiency and added safety. I am a contractor for 30 years and ladder boots still leave damage.So for years I have cut 2x10's - approximately 30 inches long and taped them to my ladder then wrapped with a tarp to protect delicate walls. Damage still would occur because it was never perfect ,and that meant unnecessary repairs,and that means lost profit in time and material.This universal pad I created is 32 inches long by 10 inches high so all weight is evenly dispersed with a rubber pad for softer contact.Every contractor and homeowner whether they paint,do windows,clean gutters,do siding,or what have you,need this pad to protect the walls correctly .This pad I created easily attaches to all size extension ladders,and is light weight honeycombed aluminum.It's weight easily allows the handler to use the ladder.I am in the process of having them priced to make high strength plastic injection molding .They will be as strong and 1/3rd the weight of aluminum.So that means much cheaper to produce and even lighter . The prototype I had made is in use by my men successfully.Damage days are over,and always there for use,and an all-weather item that has tremendous durability. Pictures are posted.

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We are open to any proper offer for license, outright sale or partnership. We use this item successfully on various jobs now.So we know it will be a hit, it work perfectly.Cost of production can be inexpensive depending on material.If a partnership money will go to production and advertising.Home repo has shown [Use the button below to contact me]

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