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Lottery ticket scratch wins fraud

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OEPM Spain nº: U201630136
Recently there is a much more effective way to violate the security
of the ticket to see directly the number of the lottery without
scratching the cover scratch method. One way to do this is through
a halogen lamp to heat through the back of the ticket, heating
hidden characters, where using a thermo graphic infrared camera,
that even there to use on mobile phones (and you can buy for about
250 euros), which implies that in examining through this graphical
thermal infrared camera is drawn silhouette characters print award,
due to heat than halogen lamp produces, may well read the number
of the lottery through the front or back cover silhouette printed
characters premium ticket, without scratching it or make it unusable,
and can discriminate tickets scratch no winners and select the
winners. It means anyone can select the ticket before scratching
coatings scratch ticket. The interesting thing is that there is no
statistical evidence that this type of attack has been going on, not
necessarily this particular attack, but there are already some way to
separate the winners from the losers tickets without canceling the
It shows another system anti fraud scratch and win tickets that are
safe and invulnerable in their security system that utility model
intends to propose.
A lottery ticket scratch anti fraud proposed in this application, is to
record the number of characters of the award and the prize not a
holographic band or a paper strip with iridescent ink.
Holography is an advanced technique of photography is to create
three-dimensional images based on the use of light. For this a laser
beam microscopically records a photosensitive film is used. This, to
receive light from the proper perspective, projects an image in three
It is currently used on credit cards, tickets, security labels,
packaging, certificates, passports and identity cards as well as CDs
and other products in addition to its use as a symbol of originality
and security.
Holograms are elements with optically variable information. The
intense visual effect of light diffraction makes it impossible to
photocopy or scan a document.
The holographic band with laser beam to burn a photosensitive film
microscopically aluminum prevents characters prize scratch ticket
being exposed to heat that could provide any means of heat
radiation and prevent the characters were revealed by ticket thermal
It could also be used to replace the hologram, a paper strip with
iridescent ink that changes color depending on the viewing angle
and lighting. The iridescent laminate is a motif is applied on the
paper surface and whose color varies depending on the angle
Both the printed strip of iridescent ink and hologram, would be
exempt from perceiving temperature change in your printed
characters and impede be viewed by any thermal camera, and is
also resistant to pressure scraping scratch ticket.
Depending on the technique used, the tickets can be printed in two
stages where the game information and the number of prize or no
prize will be printed separately.
The raca and win tickets can be printed either by a continuous feed
process or a pressing process of leaves. In the process of
continuous feed, a strip or iridescent hologram laminate is inserted
into the computer controlled printer to be added to the raca tickets
and win.
Coded serial numbers and corresponding numbers can be added to
lottery tickets in several ways. The continuous printing process uses
sequencers, advancing the serial number of each banknote when
passed through the press. These serial numbers go through a
complex mathematical transformation algorithm known as the
intermediate numbers that are in consecutive order conversion. A
second converter algorithm operates on the intermediate number
and generates the number of actual lottery prize and a strip
hologram or iridescent laminate is introduced into the ticket where it
is adhered by gluing permanent adhesive.
In the sheet printing process, after the banknotes have been cut, to
a printer that adds a number of serious computer generated feed.
Depending on the process used, these serial numbers can be
conveniently printed with inkjet ink operated fast computer.
In order to prevent illegal tampering with a lottery ticket, an opaque
cover together with patterns of confusion is printed on the back and
front of the ticket. These patterns are random confounding designs
used to darken the image when the light shines through the lottery
scratch wins preferred acrylic film used to cover the number
After the printing and coating processes are performed, including
cutting scratch tickets in rolls or drilling them for ease of dispensing
and distribution. Finally, tickets are packaged in boxes and prepared
for shipment to distributors. After the deal, tickets are sold for use.
When the ticket is purchased and the owner cover scratches or
lottery ticket, and show the award winning status, the ticket is then
brought to a ticket seller to claim the prize, and gaming operator
enter the serial number on your computer to decode and confirm
that the ticket is a winner. Ticket vendor then pays the customer and
is then reimbursed by the lottery operator.

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