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[Category : - Lawn and Garden]
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An apparatus for producing electricity includes an elongated body and an electricity generating device operatively connected to the elongated body. A drive shaft is positioned along the elongated body, the drive shaft having an input and an output. A driven shaft is positioned along the elongated body and spaced apart from the drive shaft, the driven shaft having an input and an output, the output driving the electricity generating device. There is a first mechanical linkage between the drive shaft and the driven shaft. A method of producing electricity includes positioning a combustion engine powered vehicle over at least a portion of the apparatus, mechanically linking an output shaft of the co mbustion engine powered device to the input of the drive shaft, and powering the electricity generating device with the combustion engine powered vehicle. To put it simply the new millennium Power generator utilizes the power from a lawn and garden tractor to run a 10kw generator along with other devices it is more reliable than a normal generator and eliminates an engine it is a multi functional unit !!! With millions of garden tractors in the US the potential is HUGE !!! punch in new millennium power and see it run on you tube and bing video!!!!

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