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Multiple pellet belt holding magazine for an air gun

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A belt 5 is disclosed for holding a plurality of air gun pellets to be loaded consecutively into the breech 3 of an air gun. The belt 5 comprises a series of connected blocks (27,Fig.3) with each block containing a through hole (6,Fig.4) for supporting a pellet. The blocks (27,Fig.3) are connected by a hinged joint (26,Fig.3) which allows bi-directional articulation between adjoining blocks, and which in turn have chamfered corners (28,Fig.3) to assist articulation. The belt 5 is driven through a transverse slot 1 arranged in the body 2 of the air gun by an indexing means consisting of a tractionable claw 8 attached to a cocking lever 7, and governed by a cam (15,Fig.7) filled to the body 2 of the air gun.; The claw 8 has a positive influence upon the belt 5, urging it through the transverse slot 1 and bringing a pellet holding hole (6,Fig.4) in the belt 5 into axial alignment with the breech 3 of the air gun upon operation of the cocking lever 7. A hollow cylindrical bolt having major and minor external diameters 24,22 is brought into alignment with the pellet hole (6,Fig.4) in the belt 5 and the entry to the breech 3, allowing the minor diameter of the bolt 22 to penetrate and remove a pellet from the belt 5, inserting the pellet into the breech 3. The major diameter of the bolt 24 applies a compressive force upon the belt 5 preventing the egress of propellant compressed air.; Reciprocal movement of the cocking lever 7 causes the bolt 24,22 to be withdrawn from the belt 5, permitting the belt to be indexed by one step bringing the next available pellet into breech alignment for loading. The cocking level 7 is hollow in its length for accommodating the used belt progressively following indexing.

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The multiple pellet holding magazine could be adapted fro use with a pre-charged pneumatic air gun

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