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Pet wireless doorbell device and trainer

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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A pet training device designed to alert a pet owner that his/her pet would like to enter or exit the home.

Patent Type: Utility patent with Protective Claims

Issued: August 12, 2003

Trademark: Official Registered

Device Model:Pusher level with electronic components with 100 foot range.

Use: indoors/outdoors – weather proof

Advertising: advantage-keyword on first page of all search engines.

Online Presence: pet device already has an established online presence. It is being sold on Amazon.

Website: Link

Testimonials: Pet device has received outstanding testimonials from pet owners and from service dog trainers.

Manufacturing: plastic mold injection

Manufacturing Cost: very minimum

Production: thousands of units have been manufactured and sold already

Product Developer: featured on Animal Planet and many other media outlets.

Reason for selling: retiring,advanced age and poor health condition.

Before applying for a patent, I did extensive research and to my surprise, I discovered that only a few patents of similar pet devices have been issued. The device I have developed has been specifically engineered and designed.

Note: Please contact me for more information if you are interested in buying my patent.

You may contact me directly at: 215-473-3173

Financial information

The pet products industry is big business and continues to increase.. The industry as a whole is worth $45 billion, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), a trade group. This is an increase of 164% since 1994.

REPORT: American Pet Products Association (APPA),
Pet Industry Market Size & Ownership Statistics
U.S. Pet Industry Spending Figures & Future Outlook

The following spending statistics are gathered by APPA from various market research sources and are not included in the organization's bi-annual National Pet Owners Survey.

Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures

Year Billions of dollars

2015 $60.59 Estimated
2014 $58.04 Actual|
2013 $55.72
2012 $53.33
2011 $50.96

Estimated 2015 Sales within the U.S. Market

For 2015, it estimated that $60.59 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S.
Estimated Breakdown:
Food $23.04 billion
Supplies/OTC Medicine $14.39 billion
Vet Care $15.73 billion
Live animal purchases $2.19 billion
Pet Services: grooming & boarding $5.24 billion

Actual Sales within the U.S. Market in 2014

In 2014, $58.04 billion was spent on our pets in the U.S.

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