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Recent modality for treatment of fungal eye infections

[Category : - HEALTH]
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My invention is about the first use of very potent and recent triazole anti fungal topically in the form of eye drops and intra ocular injections with specific concentration and recent technique for injection which had cured all volunteers in our countary for 5 years and made them avoid evisceration of their eyes which made all ophthalmologists here in Egypt to use it
So I want large international drug company to buy it and make it come to light

The other commercially available anti fungal are extremely less potent with many side effects. Also intra corneal injection makes the drug to come deep in the cornea with high concentrations to kill the fungus which reside deep in the cornea where antifungal drops cannot reach due to their poor penetration

Financial information

My invention makes benefit of about 20 thousand dollars per vial which costs only 100 USD and this is great
Benefit for small cost and will make million
Dollars monthly if distributed across the
But all ideas and information are great
Secrets till patency is sold

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