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system for vehicle diagnostic via network

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- SOFTWARES- Automotive Accessories ]
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1 Invention is about
The invention relates to a system for vehicle diagnostic via network mean internet. The onboard ECU will generate the fault file which may be hex or any other format of file that can be understood by the server of respective service center on both to the diagnostic cable and on the network. The diagnostic of vehicle ECU, sensors and other appliances used in the vehicle can be seen online and after repairing or troubleshooting the fault the new updated file will be directly burn on the ECU which is connected to the internet having some fixed IP address.
2 Problem it solves-
a any software bug can be repaired from the remote place providing internet to the vehicle.
b fault file will be automatically generated and sent to the service center of respective vehicle,car etc for analyzing and diagnostic.
c liquid money can be paid directly from the user bank account for the cost of diagnostic online.
many more.....
3 Benefits-
Firstly saving of money (in max cases engineer do have to come at vehicle location)
automatic fault file will be extracted and sent to service center for diagnostic.
many more
patent number is 4158/MUM/2015

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