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Patents No: - :2908/MUM/2014
The goal of the project is to design and build a low electricity are used to drive in train and less transmission line loss and main aim in this project to saving electricity. The concept of magnetically levitated or maglev trains is of very much interesting, this train modifications on designing of tracks and internally windings, this inventions to saving in electricity and reducing the transmission line loss, copper is less used and batter cooling is achieved in this windings, particular winding is designs when train is pass so only each winding are energies and other winding is automatically disconnected from supply, suppose any coil is faulty so each coil are automatically isolated and other winding are working continue. Conventional train is uneconomical beyond the 200km/hr. these problems solved by this train, not used any kind of electrical motor and also not used electronics programming.

Rising Electricity Generation and Transmission cost is very high, Electricity wastage in Transmission And continuous power flows In Normal Trains Windings In Case More Amounts Of Power are Wastage And it’s Power are not Used in any Other Applications, Conventional train is uneconomical beyond the 200km/hr., faults occurs in any points of windings so over all winding power not flow in case of normal trains so In case power not flows in after the faulty windings, more time of Maintenance
The Electromagnetic Train is high speed compare to normal train, winding is Specially Designed In this Case Power Flows only Each parts Of The Windings, So train is are Come Near to The Windings So Only Each Windings Are power Flow In The Windings ,In Case Power loss Are Reduced and High Efficiency achieved to Its, Faults Occurs In Winding so Only Each Winding power is cut Of Other Winding Works On Continually, time of Maintenance is Less in Electromagnetic Trains , Main AIM In This Projects Are Is “Savings Electricity” And Each Electricity Are used full in village and particular area of the city’s.

Financial information

Component Cost per components Qty Total cost of component
1 Rectifier unit Rs.800 1 Rs.800
2 Electromagnets
And nut and iron bolts Rs.1600 32 Rs.1500
3 Aluminum strip shit Rs.200 1 Rs.200
4 Permanent magnets Rs.250 2 Rs.500
5 Train body Rs.250 1 Rs.250
6 Closed bearings Rs.50 2 Rs.100
7 Flexible wire - As per req Rs.100
8 Wooden track and wooden plywood plate - As per
req Rs.900
9 Other measuring and cutting tools ,carpentry works - Rs.2000
10 Reversible switch RS.70 1 Rs.70
Total Cost of the Project Approx. Rs. 7000

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