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Modular Sanitation Unit and Method of Constructing

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1. What is the invention about? This invention relates to a modular sanitation unit and a method of constructing such a modular sanitation unit. More particularly, but not exclusively, the invention relates to a modular toilet structure specifically for the use in low-cost housing areas, mining enviroments, rural areas, urban areas and/or any other suitable place whether underground or on surface. This invention consist of precasted/manufactured panelled units fixed securely together to form the housing by means of attachment means passed through the panels, generally in form of threaded rods, however, the attachment means could also be any other suitable locking devices, clips, screws, latches and the like. The housing front open end may be closed by closure means, which me be a galvanized metal door with self closing spring loaded hinges. Inside the housing sanitary equipment may be selected from one or more of a toilet, hand wash basin and any other suitable equipment reuired. It is foreseen that the sanitation unit may be adapted for waterless and waterborne sanitary equipment, In the case if the structure need to be waterless system, housing is fitted with a pit panelled structure/french drain system with a vent pipe. In case is structue need to be waterborne system, housing is fitted with a flush system connected to existing drain without any pit panelled structure underneath the housing.rnrn2. What problem does the invention solve and benefit comparing existing technologies? The object of the invention is accordingly an object of the present invention to provide a Modular Sanitation Unit and a Method of Constructing such a Modular Sanitation Unit with which there are a number of key factors that need to be addressed by a modular unit or building, which most units/buildings do not do sufficiently or at al provide forl, such as; a. Installation: most modular units/buildings require some level of profesional knowledge and input, which is not only costly, but also time consuming. Thus do we create jobs with installation of this modular invention unit, by means of using the urban/rural/mining communities in groups of four to assemble these panel units securely together to form the housing generally in form of threaded rods or any other suitable locking devices, clips, screws, latches and the like. b. Durability and safety: many of the known modular or temporary units/building, especially in poorer areas, are not only structurally unsound, but are usually constructed from unsafe or unsteady materials. This invention unit may be a precast panel of a material selected from concrete, steel, plastic and/or any other strong and durable material. c. Cost: many of the known modular buildings are defined as slum conditions. Urbanisation in less developed countries is often characterised by poor quality housing and lack of security of tenure due to inflation and increase in housing prices. The high cost of items such as transport, health, education and water, coupled with poor living conditions, including inadequate housing and poor access to basic services, affect the ability of the urban poor to rise out of poverty. Thus providing adequate basic sanitation at low cost, durable, super fast manufacturing and installation with job creation as the main factor to this modular sanitation unit.

Financial information

Market Potential: STATS SA shows that a 100 000 units need to be build every year for the next 20 years. to satisfy the market. For every low cost house build an outside toilet (VIP toilet) need to be build. See Link for more information.

I'm looking for an outright sale or partnership to increase the manufacturing facility to be able to manufacture at least 8000 units a month. Need to establish an industrial manufacturing facility to be able to produce the reuired quantities.

Market need in South Africa is to big for only one manufacturing facility, but the optinum position would be to have a facility in each province (9). I have already manufactured and installed 10 000 units to date.

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