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Display Board For Collectible Sports Headgear

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My invention is a unique display solution for collectible sports helmets that goes beyond a simple shelf unit or plaque. It takes advantage of a friction-fit protrusion that allows an unobstructed 180-degree view of the piece(s). It solves the problem of existing display options such as the helmet(s) not being secured and/or being partially obscured from sight.

Display one or more sports helmets (football, baseball, hockey) with this unit. It's size, shape and material can be whatever works best for production or cost requirements and allows flexibility in design, color and quality.

Because of my display's minimal construction, it's weight, size and packaging requirements allow for production savings on several levels and potentially increased profits.

My patent has already sold over 1,000 units with minimal to no advertising and has a trademarked logo if a buyer or licensee is interested.

From my patent abstract:
A plurality of pegs are attached to the substrate's planar surface and protrude from the surface of the substrate, each peg has an outer diameter that is suitably sized to create an interference fit with an air hole in the sport helmet, and by the interference fit attach the helmet to the display device.

Financial information

- *I'm looking for an exclusive license with royalties.

- My invention has sold over 1,000 units under the product name "Gridiron Helmet Display" with little to no advertising and with exposure from only two internet retailers/sites.

- Market potential is large due to the enormous collectibles market for US professional and collegiate sports league branded headgear (NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA).

- Serious inquiries only please.

- Trademark pending on product logo.

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