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Novel Ampoule

[Category : - HEALTH]
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The system from which doctor or nurse will eject solution and give you injection is called ampoule. It is for single time use.
For any solution, to be given as an injection, it should be microbe free. For that they are prepared in special microbial free environment. For use, doctor or nurse has to break nurse has to break ampoule from top. In such condition they are allowing to microbes to enter from air to drug solution. Even they are used in hospitals so microbes which are entering in solution are not normal one. They are from some infected patient so they are in active form and they have ability to produce disease.
Even there are chances that small debris of glass can enter in solution and can reach to your body.
In such case, injections will cure your one diseases but can produce other serious condition.
I have developed such kind of ampoule from which doctor or nurse can eject medicines without breaking it.

It is such superior that in future all injectable products will be packed in this packing only.

Financial information

It is kind of product which will crate separate industrial division. I will discuss about pricing and other superiority in person only.

I have only 3D designs in PDF forma right now. No JPG images.

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