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[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Baby products]
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"Snips and snails and puppy dog tails. Sugar and spice everything nice" " BABIES" brings a smile always
Diapersweet can provide A cute and appropriate way to
PACKAGE GIFTS FOR NEW PARENTS. A multipurpose container.
This innovative product can resemble a blue or pink diaper-Shaped gift holder with a large safety pin on the front. People can place flowers,candy,stuffed animals,fruit,or clothing inside the diaper. Florists,hOSPITALS,CRAFTS STORES,CANDY RETAILERS,NOVELTY GIFT SHOPS,OR ANYONE THAT LIKES TO CREATIVELY PACKAGE GIFTS WILL APPRECIATE THE CONVENIENCE AND PRACTICALLY AFFORDED BY THIS PRODUCT.
People are always looking for fun,creative new ways to give gifts.Traditional wrapping paper can be boring,however,and may not give the gift a personal touch. It can solve difficult items to wrap. This is a thoughtful, new way to give gifts to new parents.
A different nostalgic memory item, that justs put you back in the day.
Just in the presentation, the smiles on the new parents ,grandparents
It is old but very new.
Can be made from cloth, glass, PLASTIC, ceramic and in various colors and sizes.

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