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Marine aquariums getting richier, simpler and cheaper!

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This invention has not only been prototyped, but it commercialized and sold.

This device is different from traditional filters and other water processing devices in that it has NO filtering bed nor insert of any kind. All sludge removal happens by water hydrodynamics and gravitation. Additionally, this device carries out 4 other functions:
strong water aeration
nitrate decomposition
proper water circulation
protein skimming

Water in no point leaves the tank, contrary to equipment present on the market today. In this device, nater never flows through narow gaps, holes, pipes, etc. There is no danger for any species (including pelagic larvae), therefore marine live can thrive.

This invention is patented in Poland and it's been granted the European patent (country selection in progress). We have however designed improvements that can allow patent coverage (of the improved device) in the US and other countries.

Please check out our website Link (scroll down a little bit and wait until the animation loads) to see the basic principle of operation. Please click the 4 dots in order to observe:
- water circulation (upper right)
- sludge removal (bootm right)
- drive and aeration (bottom left)
- skimming (upper left)

We are looking at variety of possibilitites:
- sell license to a US/non-US producer
- create joint-venture to manufacture aquarium systems in the US
- ready to consider other proposals


A device and method for cleaning a water environment of sludge, comprising a chamber connected to a supply channel and a driving module. A supply channel (3) has a connector pipe outlet (32) in the upper zone (13) of the chamber (1), and the outlet (301) is located in this upper zone (13), and a sludge container (11) is in the lower part of the chamber (1) with impervious walls (12). A supply channel (3) and/or its outlet (32) is located inside the chamber (1) and/or tangentially to the chamber (1) wall (12). The device along with the chamber (1) and the supply channel (3) constitutes an integral part of aquarium or a replaceable module put into an aquarium. The chamber (1) is divided into compartments (120) set by vertical partitions (121).

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