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[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting- Cooking]
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My invention is a compact hand held meat tenderizer. It can be used from camp sites to kitchens. It requires no electricity and has no moving parts. Its so compact you can carry it in your pocket. Its very safe and has no sharp edges so it never has to be sharpened. Its very sturdy and constructed out of 14g stainless steel. Dishwasher safe or clean in hot soapy water. All you have to do is rock the tenderizer back and forth several times on each side of the cut of meat. I can usually do a whole back strap from a Whitetail Deer in about 5-10 minutes. Commercial tenderizers are bulky, expensive, and very time consuming to clean. They have multiple sharp moving parts that can be very hazardous. Mallet style tenderizers leaves a bloody messy clean up from pounding the meat to death not to mention the noise of banging on your countertops. The countertop mounted tenderizers limit you to where to tenderize plus they have moving parts and are a hassle to clean. My tenderizer gives you the freedom of when and where you can tenderize. You can freeze those back straps and tenderloins whole and tenderize as you cook. I know in my area (Central Mississippi) Game processing plants are charging a $1,60/pound to tenderize your meat. I am selling my tenderizer for $45/unit and can not keep them in stock. If you take 2 back straps and one hind quarter to be tenderized at a Processing plant, it will be well over $45. I have never advertised, all my sells have been via word of mouth from one Sportsman to the next. Wives are discovering new things to do with the tenderizer in kitchens so its just not for the men. Dicing vegetables, shredding roasts (such as Boston Butts), and even tenderize tough cuts of commercial meats that's a lot cheaper in grocery stores. I am very excited and passionate about my product and have received great reviews from the consumers. I just need some help getting it to the big times. I am willing to lease or possibly sell my patent. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and thanks for your time reading my ad........ God Bless.............. Phillip Parkman e-mail address: [Use the button below to contact me]

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