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Plant fertilizer ring

[Category : - Agriculture- DESIGN PATENTS- Lawn and Garden]
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Finally, a device that takes the guesswork out of fertilizing garden plants. This is a novel device and method of delivering nutrients to garden plants consisting of a ring of controlled-release fertilizer placed at the stem-root ball juncture, preferably at transplanting into the garden.

The process of transplantation injures the plant to some degree, largely by damage or stress to roots. As a result, growth can be delayed or reduced until the plant recovers. It is recognized that an application of starter fertilizer to new garden transplants can diminish 'transplant shock' and promote rapid establishment and growth.

Figs. 1-3. The present device takes the form of a ring composed of a water-soluble nutrient-releasing composition capable of delivering a continuous supply of nutrients over an extended period. Such compositions may consist of various thermosetting resin materials which form a matrix surrounding conventional water-soluble organic or inorganic fertilizer source constituents dispersed therein. These materials can be injection molded or extruded to produce a desired shape.

This device is adapted especially for use with common garden plants (e.g., vegetables/herbs, bedding ornamentals) with limited root systems that are commonly retailed in flats or cell packs and ready for transfer to the garden. At transplanting, the ring is simply slipped around the stem at the root juncture. The transplanting process is then completed.

Fig. 4. After transplanting is accomplished, the ring resides below the soil surface where it remains in place just above the root ball. In contact with the moist soil, the ring releases a constant metered stream of nutrients to the roots which percolate down the soil column with the rain or irrigation water. Because the ring is effectively attached to the plant, it will not wash away or be dislodged by cultivation around the plant.

– provides constant supply of nutrients over extended period
– distributes nutrients evenly to all parts of the root system, unlike fertilizer sticks and tablets
– fast, convenient, easy, fool-proof
– eliminates measuring, mixing, and incorporation into rooting medium; easily reapplied when needed
– no waste; no danger of under- or over-feeding
– economical, environmentally friendly, reduces leaching and runoff
– can also be used to convey other agrochemicals to roots or root medium, such as fungicides, pesticides, growth regulators, rooting hormones, and the like
– also useful for long-term feeding of container plants

1. liquid concentrate or powdered fertilizers
- require measuring, mixing, repeated application
- easily leached away leading to severe swings in nutrient status

2. granular controlled-release fertilizer
- must be measured out and incorporated into growing medium evenly and at proper rate

3. fertilizer sticks, spikes, and tablets
- sticks/spikes must be inserted into growing medium risking breakage
- may interfere with or be disturbed during cultivation
- roots unevenly fed with placement lateral to root system
- may not be used in sufficient quantities for proper feeding

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