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Composite structural material Lexite

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Lead Edge Boards (LEBs) are estimated to cause over 75% of all wood pallet failures. Longer lasting and more durable than wood, Lexite™ LEBs can be used to build and repair pallets, extend the life of existing pallets, improve the performance of new pallets and increase the overall value of the pallet pool.

As with wood, Lexite™ 1”x6” LEBs can be cut or ordered to size, nailed or glued, and seamlessly integrated into pallet repair and manufacturing operations. But unlike wood, Lexite™ is completely uniform, eliminating the requirement to work around knots and surface imperfections. Each Lexite™ LEB is made to exact measurement and strength specifications, providing the predictable and consistent performance ideal for automated pallet manufacturing applications. Lexite™ does not warp or absorb water and its dimensions remain stable in all weather conditions.

Since Lexite™ is an engineered composite, it does not splinter. Lexite™ also withstands three times the nail withdrawal forces of wood without splitting. Eliminating splintering and splitting from pallet assembly operations, Lexite™ can substantially reduce the handling and occupational risk to workers.

Lexite™ exceeds both wood and plastic static and dynamic load capacities as well as the pallet industry standards and specifications and can be relied on for long term use in closed loop pallet pools. Lexite™ LEBs are also available with embedded RFID tags for customer tracking and all Lexite™ products are 100% reusable, repairable and recyclable.

Lexite™ has passed all standard industry pallet tests. Specifically, Lexite™ has been tested by the Department of Defense and passed the ASTM D1185 and MIL-STD-1660 testing protocols, the first composite material to pass either test. Lexite™ has also been tested with results showing strength seven times greater than wood by Virginia Polytechnic Institute's Pallet and Container Laboratory. Lexite™ testing is currently underway with UL laboratories to certify the fire retardant nature of Lexite™. With burn rates significantly less than those of wood, Lexite™ is expected to pass this protocol as well.

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