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Turlink Hydro-tech Step-Up Redgen Power System

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I am Muhammed Ibrahim Indian nationality; I have developed a method to double the production of Turlink Hydro-tech Step-Up Redgen Power System( HYDRO ELECTRICAL POWER PLANT) by using turbine pump with same quantity of water. This method can be used in new hydro power plant also. I have proved the method both theoretical and practical and applied for patent it can be increased to double the production of hydropower plant both private and public sector. This system 100% successful and already have patent in 160 countries. rnTHERE ARE TWO METHODS:-rn1. Replace the existing generator and turbine pump and install new generator and turbine invented by me. Discharge of water will be reduced to half mark and the water saved can be utilized for generating more power to the tune of exiting capacity.rn2. By replacing the existing pipe the production can be doubles with the same quantity of input water.rnExisting method can generate 10000 KVA-KW/h of electricity with 2500 Ltr. Sec. of water at height of 475 Mtr. head. Utilizing my method this generation of electricity can be 20000 KVA-KW/h. The expenses involved for replacing the generator and turbine of the existing plant can be met from the increases generation itself.rnI am looking for this filed international company to give the patent. rnThanking You, rnInventorrnP.V. MUHAMMED IBRAHIMrne-mail: [Use the button below to contact me]

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I am Looking for Sale my invention patent authority in 148 countries (including India) which already existing Hydro Power Plants.

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