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Cemetery memorial with integrated flower vase

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A modular system for generation of acetylene gas, in a reactor suitable for the controlled reaction of calcium carbide and water, is disclosed. In this system, a self-container reactor module is provided which is suitable for coupling to an acetylene gas reservoir. In one of the preferred embodiments of this invention, this reactor module can include a primary and a secondary charge of calcium carbide, and a stoichiometric excess of water. Acetylene gas is formed by initial contact of a primary calcium carbide charge with water in the reactor reservoir. Upon essentially complete reaction of the primary charge and the water in the reservoir, the pressure within the reactor is monitored, as such gas is drawn off to fuel the operation of an internal combustion engine. Where such pressure drops to, or below a pre-determined level, a secondary charge of calcium carbide is contacted with the remaining water in the reactor reservoir, so as to prevent interruption in the fueling of the internal combustion engine. These modules can also be "daisy chained" together, and thereafter sequentially activated, to provide essentially continuous operation of an internal combustion engine.

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