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Single and multi-phase current sensor and current transformer

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A current balance-type current sensor or circuit breaker suitable for measurement of AC or DC current in an electrical network, comprising a current transformer 9 and resistive shunt 1 connected in series with a line in conductor (at fixing location 14) wherein the resistive shunt is located within the central aperture of the current transformer. The shunt may be coaxial with the line out neutral conductor 6. The sensor may further comprise a resistive shunt temperature sensor 4 in locating grove 12 in the insulator 2 at the axial mid-point of each resistive shunt and an ambient temperature sensor 5 in the current transformer case 7. The device may comprise processing electronics to determine residual / earth leakage, differential current, component temperatures, voltage and/or power. This arrangement utilises the available space to maximise the rated current capability of the combined sensor and minimise power loss due to heating.

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