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methods of helping to prevent risks on public places

[Category : - OTHER- Life-saving; Fire-fighting- Security and alarms]
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The methods in the invention involve helping to prevent risks on the public places.
They can be applied to:
Preventing the crowd stampedes on public places(this case is relative simple, a primary demo has been developed by the writer, being showed in the following website link: Link);
Preventing the dangerous driving on highway;
Detecting the iron weapons hidden in the crowd without disturbing them;
Preventing the stealing on public places such as buses;
Preventing the attacks, especially by an individual, to the crowds on public places(this function demo has been developed, ref. to Link);
Preventing the falling of stages or bleachers which is caused by resonances of the crowds on them.

Compared to present methods of preventing risks on public risks, they have these features:
There are far more eyes keeping on crowd safety, can collect more tiny clues and filter them on the spot, unlike in the 'when you see sth, say sth' every clues are reported to law enforcement with the pressure on the reporters;
They can speed people's responses, including law enforcements, to the attacks to the crowd on the spot, and can add more pressure on the attackers;
They are adapted to a widely field, such as school, shop, medium, square, bus etc.;
They can cope with a variety of risks, include crowd stampedes, attacks to crowds, stealing, etc.
They are far more lower cost.

The present invention discloses a method and system for preventing risks on public place, including: building social networks on public places to covere equipments on said public places; by means of the social networks, the risks information on the public places are produced and supplied, including: the networked devices obtain data on the risks of a single point of public places, interchange their data on the social networks; or, send their data to the data center to merge into multi-point data which are be processed to obtain risk information; or persons on said public places through their equipments on the social network, according to a predefined social network rules of public places risk information, publish, verify, subscribe, comment or complaints about messages of the public place risks, or consult the strategies against the public place risks.

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