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Cylindrical spiral for meditation and relaxation

[Category : - HEALTH]
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The copper spiral is designed to invigorate the body organs by means of affecting 2500 nerve endings / acupuncture points on our palms (as stated by scientists) which are connected to and responsible for the functions of our body organs. The significance of copper has been proven by the scientists from the Lawrence National Laboratory of the University of California who conducted studies and came to the conclusion that copper modulates neuron brain activity and is essential in forming links and bonds between neurons and brain nerve chains.
When holding the sphere(s) of the spiral in the palm(s) a person starts feeling the warmth of the spiral and can start meditating to balance, improve and invigorate the body's systems (mind, heart, etc). It helps to concentrate and to actualize the unrevealed capabilities stored in the brain neurons. Hence the meditation with spirals can boost a person's intellectual power.
During the past year and a half of sales, we have received many testimonials on how the meditation with our spirals have improved customers' sleeping habits, resulted in abstinence and smoking cessation, in better emotional control (stress, anxiety, depression), in pain sensitivity reduction, in boosting mood and immunity, in sharpening concentration and accelerating cognition (Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit, memory loss, learning disability). The relaxation response from meditation helps eliminate fatigue in computer users and programmers, decreases metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate, breathing, and brain gamma waves, subsides PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms and hot flashes, improves infertility problems.
Please review the complete patent at the USPTO using the number provided (D0712114). This invention can be used everywhere by everyone.

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