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Purpose & Benefits

Provides users with a safe, secure way of stabilizing a pull-behind trailer while loading items onto the trailer or while the trailer is unhooked from a vehicle.

Ensures the trailer is kept stationary and stabilized without the use of wheel chalks or other types of inefficient stabilizing devices.

Increases safety and security around a trailer while the trailer is unhooked from a vehicle.

Attaches directly to the existing jack of a trailer, seamlessly integrating onto any pull-behind trailer.

Includes a set of removable spike mechanisms which can be inserted into a soft ground surface in order to keep the trailer firmly stabilized.

Features a rubber-backing material on the bottom of the device for stabilization on any hard surfaces.

Problems Solved
While a trailer is unhooked from a vehicle, it can often be unstable and susceptible to rolling or skidding away from a desired storage area. An unexpected sliding trailer can be extremely dangerous and cause serious injury to anyone caught in the path. When unhooked, the trailer jack can sink into the dirt or gravel and be frustrating to remove, especially if the trailer is heavy. The jack can bend and drop in front of the trailer and cause damages to the trailer.

Detailed Description & Features
Sta Trailer is a unique stabilization device for an unhooked trailer capable of preventing movement of any kind. The device is comprised of a circular unit with rubber-backed and/or spiked surfaces and a means for attachment to the jack portion of a trailer. The device can be connected directly to the existing jack of a trailer, adding safety and stability to the jack and providing support in order to allow the trailer, while unhooked, to be secure in a set position.

Once the unit is under pressure on any soft surface, the spike mechanism attachment can protrude into the soft surface to secure the trailer. The unit is also equipped with rubber backing material for use on any hard surface. The device can be simply connected to the jack, and the trailer can rest on the ground in a secure position. The device eliminates the need to use wheel chalk to secure a trailer.

The mechanism can be attached to any ‘A’ frame trailer with a hitch jack or side-mounted trailer jack. It can function as a permanent attachment due to both units being equipped with standard key holes with a key pin to secure the device to a trailer. The device does not need to be removed in order to transport the trailer from one location to another.

Sta Trailer can be constructed using hardened polyurethane plastic, urethane rubber, and other suitable materials. The device may measure approximately 4” in height and 8” in diameter, weighing less than 10 lbs. Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

Financial information

(An outright sale, or a license with royalties or another form of partnership); This product is a one of a kind device. There is nothing in the world to compare it to.

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