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Fuel Delivery System

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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Fuel delivery system for an internal combustion engine comprising a method and apparatus for generating and delivering a homogeneous charge with a variable fuel/air ratio which relies on transpirating fuel membranes in a primary mixing region to which a portion of thermally-regulated air from an air dividing region has come. A single moving control element is used to control the quantity of in-rushing air in the primary mixing region, and therefore the amount of fuel rich air produced in this primary mixing region, and at the same time this single moving control element modulates both the quantity of fuel rich air and the quantity of regular fuel-free combustion air which are brought together in a secondary mixing region where they combine in the desired ratio to form a homogeneous charge with a variable fuel/air ratio. The use of a single moving control element allows extremely economical construction. A further advantage of this method is extremely rapid and accurate control of the fuel/fair ratio of the charge which is generated. The method can be used to safely and reliably generate clean-burning combustible mixtures for internal combustion engines, and to cool supercharged and turbocharged airstreams. Electronic control means are also provided to calculate the correct fuel/air ration under various engine operating and environmental conditions and so that spark plug timing and electromechanical valve timing can be adjusted in concert with adjustments to the fuel/fair ratio so that optimum fuel economy and emissions performance is obtained.

Financial information

This device is applicable to all internal combustion engines, and can included with new engines, or retrofitted onto old ones. The potential market is enormous.

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