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Shoe Insole (air)

[Category : - Footwear]
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The present invention relates generally to an insole which has portions that uses a sealed air flow system to deform to better cushion a person's steps, as well as generate airflow within the insole.
Safety footwear is classified as personal protective equipment, produced in different types and forms (shoes, boots, etc.) according to the intended user thereof, and protects workers' feet from various type of risk such as shocks, collisions, impact, thermal and chemical burns, puncturing and crushing, cuts and abrasions, heat, flames, and cold.
Safety footwear is provided with a protective toecap, to protect the feet in the event of material falling on the foot, and a puncture-resistant sole, consisting of a steel plate which protects the foot from sharp materials which could penetrate the sole such as nails, sharp-edge blades, or other hazards.
Safety footwear is furthermore provided with a nonslip rubber outsole, which also protects against the risk of electrocution, as well as a heat insulating insole.
All of this provides the wearer considerable protection, but very little comfort or support.
Safety footwear, and in particular the soles and insoles thereof, do not have comfort as an integral part of their construction. This causes numerous aches, pains, and injuries for individuals that are required to wear safety footwear for eight hours or more a day as a condition of their employment.
The present invention addresses that need for comfort and support in safety footwear, with a unique constructed insole pad to be inserted into the footwear. The present invention uses a layered construction, with an airflow system being incorporated into the compacted and layered construction. The present invention provides remains soft and comfortable under a person's foot, even when used for extended periods of time. The present invention provides substantial enhanced comfort, massaging a person's foot with every movement.
The present invention is an improved insole for footwear providing ergonomic support and cushioning through a layered constuction and aerodynamics. The earodynomics aspects is enabled by compressed air and it pressurized air flow system that consist of movement.
This present shoe insole of the above invention is not the full text of the Utility application only describtion .
This shoe insole Invention is currently pending as a in part of continuation patent application filed with USPTO of application serial number 13/602,290 filed on September 3, 2012.
Any information or documented with USPTO will be given upon request thru email and phone.
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