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Skateboard 360 truck steering control

[Category : - Headwear- Toys and games- Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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The truck steers because of the varied position of metall connection to shooe that you separatley alsow can grind with. When one jumps the board is lincked for higher and more scure stunts and with rotating new combinations .There is a wire you pull to lock one self out of the binding or to be used to lock the board with the wire arround for example a light post and lock it , but you can alsow lock the truck so that the wheels are at 90 dregrees and it cant be used.The wheels to are filled with gass so they will have a cushioning effect.If adjusted you can skate with the board in the classic way .The production is prodused separately from boards so it would be able to fitt any skaters board(cut in). In differens to other boards the most simulare is snake boards but technicalityrnfar from it , so tricks and the multi possibilitys really could be a original.

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