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Method For Linking Insurance Policies (four patents)

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An insurance program that provides improved health care and longevity by emphasizing health improvement and maintenance. After a predetermined waiting period from the time health insurance is purchased, during which the health status of the insured is maintained or improved, the insured may link the health insurance policy with one or more other types of insurance policies, such as life, disability, nursing home, etc. Throughout the life of the policy, portions of the premiums may be deposited in an account, provided that the health of the insured is maintained or improved, which may be utilized to pay or help pay for the linked insurance and may also be utilized for website:

Link The website is clickable (light boxed) except for the top four diagrams on the home page.

app: Link

Also, the pdf links for all of the patents are available on the Intellectual Property page if you click on the patent covers.

Financial information

Essentially, with the CHAI patents, whatever one saves financially from their improved health as per their health insurance premiums, fees, etc., they can potentially apply as credits to the purchase of other insurance policies such as life insurance, homeowners insurance, dental insurance, etc. as such hopefully improve both their physical and fiscal well-being, thereby “catalyzing health into wealth” ™

Thus, by linking health insurance with life insurance, etc. one can now develop a new type of insurance product that can yield a win - win - win situation for the: insurance company, the physician and the insured - individual.

In particular, the CHAI patents diverge from conventional insurance thinking in their use of: the law of small numbers, prevention and early detection as applied to the novel CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC concepts of: “reverse viatical” ™, “Life Bene-FIT “ ™, “coenzymes + cofactors = copayments” ™, etc. and as detailed on the intellectual property and mechanisms pages of my above website.

I believe that the insurance innovations described in these four patents can work seamlessly with currently existing health insurance, life insurance, reinsurance and other insurance products while potentially reducing their risk and liability, as their emphasis is on improving the health and longevity of policyholders.

As such CHAI is interested in licensing opportunities with: insurance, reinsurance, captive insurance, internet insurance, informatics companies, large hospitals (self-insuring), etc.

If you may have an interest involving technology transfer, licensing agreements, sublicensing agreements and / or sales with regard to the CHAI intellectual property, please use the contact page on the website so that I may forward your information to my licensing attorney.

The following is a link to my website detailing my invention of “linked” insurance: Link

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