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[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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An automatic fire extinguisher includes a closed metal container with a top and upper portion in the shape of the frustum of a cone, a hemispherical shaped lower portion and a weighted bottom portion. The closed container includes a closeable opening for filling the container with the fire suppressant and a pressure valve for pressurizing the container after filling with suppressant. A quantity of fire suppressant is disposed in the container and dischargeable through a tubular member that extends through the top of the container and outwardly through a spray nozzle attached to the tubular member.

1- Saving more lives
2- User Friendly
3- Vision is to have one used in every home around the world to help reduce fire fatalities
4- Potential for further development (for example, we have 3 great feature developments that we will provide for the buyer)
5- Inexpensive to manufacture and sell
6- Won gold medal at the International Trade Fair 2014 for outstanding performance

Demo Video: Link

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