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Fashionable ladies' shoe with concealed heel storage compartment

[Category : - Footwear]
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With our Patented lady's shoe with a secret compartment ladies now can carry their money, credit cards, ID, keys, makeup–and even personal care items, like tampons, and more, inside their shoes.

Having your purse snatched or lost can be a devastating experience. And who wants to keep up with a purse in a night out of fun and dancing? This shoe is a heaven sent. Can be produce in different heights, and unlimited styles (from strappy styles to boots), The possibilities are endless!

Financial information

This is a shoe that will cause a sensation in Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and all cities with a strong Night Life presence. The shoe was recently featured in many media outlets, including t.v and online news (due to confidentiality I am not including name of the brand on this post).

We are looking to license our patent with royalties and open to
SELL the Intellectual property rights to the Patent.

If interested to purchase the intellectual property rights know that
we self-funded the first stage of our production to obtain:
Patent Protection
Factory procurement
First Injection Molds
Product development
Product testing
First ready-to wear line design and sampling
Upper patterns
Fully functional samples

Why are we willing to sell?
Requires a strong sales/marketing team and marketing capital to expose the brand.

What will you get?
Intellectual property rights to the Patent.
Custom-made injection molds (sizes 7,8,9)
Production factory contacts
Shoe inventory
Full rights to trademark brand and brand images
The full website
Mobile site
Community (social pages: Facebook, Twitter))

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