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Mailbox Post system

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A mailbox system that is sturdy and durable, easy to manufacture, assemble and customize, and is aesthetically pleasing to look at. The mailbox system preferably includes a pair of vertical posts and horizontal rails, a decorative component such as a flag or flower box, a mailbox and a newspaper receptacle. When assembled, the horizontal rails and the decorative component span between and are supported by the vertical posts, while the mailbox and newspaper receptacle are mounted to a single post. Assembly of the mailbox system is made quick and easy through the use of a series of snap-fit assembly features.

Financial information

This Post can be sold for low money down and small royalties as long that its made in American. Randy 586 924 0460
There was a strong Market but the owner had to close shop when the Mfg. supplier went out. many marketing tools are available.

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