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Outdoor mechanical equipment mounting system

[Category : - Lawn and Garden]
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An air conditioning or heat pump condenser assembly has a base mounted on a molded plastic pad. The pad is mounted on four, auger-type stabilizer rods screwed into the ground. Nuts threaded onto upper ends of the rods in recesses in the top of the pad, fix the pad to the rods. The condenser assembly base is positioned on the pad to cover the nuts on the stabilizer rods to make the nuts inaccessible once the condenser base is in place on the pad. Vibration isolators are disposed between the pad and the base. A portion of the pad, usually centrally located thereon, is provided with extra thickness to receive security screws installed from above through the base of the condenser assembly and into the pad.
The security screws are a thread cutting type enabling installation by the installer at a plurality of possible locations above the security area, some or all of which may be obscured enough by equipment on the condenser base to obscure and delay or prevent removal thereof by a thief. Alarm provisions are also made.
I have designed this mounting system for many other applications .Its quick and easy installation means it can be installed by homeowners on almost any unlevel or un graded soil to support yard ornaments,birdbaths or even to get BBQ grills off the porch, to free up more room on patio.Items such as electric car charging stations can be installed in minutes compared to a poured concrete pad,also the system can be releveled or replaced easier than poured concrete in case of accident or settling due to frost/thaw conditions.Outdoor signage can be placed and secured from wind with simple hardware brackets and screws.My mounting system can provide hurricane restraint for a/c systems too.
Manufacturing the pad with recycled plastic material has always been important to me too.

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