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propulsion assisting and braking system for floating vessels

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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This system is an alternative propulsion assisting device that can be reversed to act as a braking mechanism for floating vessels of all descriptions. If properly configured, it can cause a vessel to swivel in place without the use of the propeller or anchor. It is safe to use in harbors and confined spaces, and economical in open waters.

Financial information

This invention is suitable for a young entrepreneur or engineer who likes ships, but also has other applications.

The patent holder will finance the sale for the appropriate person, with payment delayed until profits are realized and at zero interest during the start-up phase, and provide ample design assistance, if needed. No lease or royalty offers, please.

This is an entirely new application for an idea that first appeared in a book about commercial shipping in print in 1927, but was infeasible due to then-current manufacturing limitations. There is nothing similar on the market today, so a lot of development will be necessary, hence the suggestion about physical and mental stamina, and youth would be very helpful, as would professional training in naval or mechanical engineering and an entrepreneurial spirit, long-range vision, physical stamina. A healthy capacity for creativity is advised.

This system is best started small until all the "bugs" are addressed, then can be scaled up to the largest vessels, hence the terms of financing. It will be a life-long involvement, with potential to become standard equipment on maritime vessels of all sizes and designations.

This is a start-up, with no other assets included.

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