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The idea of finding a formula

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Ali al-Sistani, Iran am
Subject: devise a formula for finding Akhtrat ideas in all branches of science - art - Agriculture - Atomic - Pshzky and military, etc ...
Please order advertising executive's participation in the formulation of ideas, innovations and Akhtrat Abnvh access to all areas in the world for the first time provided the necessary cooperation Answer
If you want to work first
alireza sistani

Basic formula for Patenting in Iran
Invited to participate in attracting sponsors
The basic formula for the first time in the world to generate ideas and inventions in all fields
Please suggest the way of written work please email

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Financial information

Thread: Formula invented the idea of finding in all fields of science
This formula only in the early stages of the registration statement is preceded
In copyright law is not respected, so I had to have foreign business partner
This formula is neutral and thousands of thousands invention can try to cover it
Inventions revolutionized the industry
Everyone can be invented by the formula
The offer:
Enthusiasts can make it to the administrative and financial support for initiatives contribute
If you wish to participate in a professional translator will use your tongue
Sorry for poor English writing

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