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1st & Only Braille I.D. System For Bottles & Store Shelves!

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Braille has previously been tried on containers, but was never fully implemented in the marketplace because it interfered with advertising. But now, a new braille identification technology has been patented that addresses the problem of compromising advertising messaging for product providers while including pertinent information for blind people, which solves this dilemna.

K-Tech has introduced a below grade system, whereby braille can be inserted onto containers or onto store shelves, for example, that is just beneath the surface of the advertising space. In effect, small areas on the front and back of containers, bottles and shelves are notched out in order to accommodate braille.

In this manner, advertising labels can then be installed directly over the subterranean surface. Labels do not reveal the advertising message until the label is depressed.

Purposing labels in this manner solves two problems simultaneously: Braille can be read in the normal manner by the non-visually impaired, while the labels can still be read by visually impaired individuals without compromising limited advertising space. The visually impaired merely need to read, or press on the labels so that the advertising message is apparent. Using this method, product name, description, weight and ingredients are conveyed.

The braille system has not made it into the mainstream for advertising space on containers, bottles or store shelves. This identification technology represents a major improvement, as there have been no acceptable alternative methods to date.

Patent Title:


Patent Abstract

A method of facilitating the identification of portable consumer articles at a point of purchase display, the method including the steps of: providing a plurality of portable consumer articles each with tactilely sensible information thereon that identifies at least one of: a) a general nature of the article and/or its contents
and b) a provider of the article
and displaying the plurality of articles at the point of purchase display in a manner that allows potential consumers to lift and handle each of the plurality of articles so as to thereby readily determine through tactile sensing of the information at least one of: a) the general nature of the handled article and/or its contents
and b) the provider of the handled article.

Financial information

K-Tech R & D Corporation will either license the technology via a royalty agreement or will sell the patent outright.

Our technology has never been implemented on store shelves or on containers previously. Braille was tried on containers, but failed since it interfered with advertising space. K-Tech's technology does not create any conflict with advertising.

This technology represents a major improvement in advancing the lives of millions of people. It can be sold to retail stores and bottling companies. Whichever companies introduce this technology will reap the accolades from many people desiring this system, which has been long overdue.

And, this technology represents a veritable market monopoly, as our company holds the only patent in this area.

Please see attached graphics and patent pictures.

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