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Blueprints included.


Alarms are only as good the average response time by police, which in North America is about 20 minutes. This gives the thief plenty of time to pillage and make their escape.

FACT: 90% of burglaries go unsolved,
FACT: 85% of all burglaries and home invasions happen through a door. They simply kick it in.

There is only one solution to prevent break-ins. That is to stop thugs cold in their tracks!

That's where the Double Deadbolt comes in! There has NEVER been a lock like this!

The Double-Deadbolt works like a brace against the back of your door. The Double Deadbolt has two back to back reinforcing security deadbolts locked into a double reinforced steel jamb strike-plate.

Most Importantly, the Double Deadbolt locks with just your regular door key. No other door brace does that!


The Double Deadbolt is universal and works on any in-swing or out-swing door and comes equipped with a child safety latch, which also makes it LOCK-PICK PROOF!!!

The Double Deadbolt will stop burglaries, robberies, abductions and save many lives..The Double Deadbolt protects your family while you're home and guards your valuables while you're away.
They'll never get through your door again!

I have over 3o years experience installing doors and repairing break-ins. If you've read so far, you'll appreciate this invention. If the number of views I've gotten so far is a key indicator of interest, this invention will be a top seller.

Serious only!

The Double-Deadbolt has 12 major advantages over all other door braces and security bars.

1. It can be locked from the outside when you leave with just your regular door key.
2. It can be used as a regular rim type deadbolt and installed anywhere on the door.
3. It can be used with "Smart Lock".
4. If a 2nd one is installed as a rim deadbolt using "Smart Lock", the door becomes virtually lock-pick proof as the intruder must also hack it to gain entry.
5. It's universal and can be used on all in-swing and out-swing doors.
6. It has an option for a security bar retrofit across the door.
7. It stays on the door eliminating tripping hazards.
8.. It comes with a child-safety adjustment which deters lock-picking, and stops small children and dementia patients from locking or inadvertently unlocking the door for strangers.
9. It has a partial open safety position, leaving a slight crack in the door to see who's outside. The door's deadbolt locks into the jamb side box.
10. It can be used on nearly any type door including sliding patio doors and garage doors.
11. It can be used with all alarms and all other door security devices.
12. It unlocks from the inside with a common thumb-turn, thereby it adheres to all fire safety regulations.

Projection: The US market for security products is expected to increase 7.3 percent to $25 billion in 2018. In addition, the recovery in building construction and the housing market will bolster sales of mechanical/electronic security products, particularly door locks and security braces.

Target Market: Its squarely aimed at:
1. Mass market, the do-it-yourself lite homeowner customers. These customers buy products and install them themselves using online or in-store resources.
2. Do-it-for-me customers include those looking for third parties to provide installation services such as locksmiths and door repair companies.
3. Professional customers include contractors, builders, traders, interior designers, and renovators, among others.

This product will sell at a very high volume in a very short time as you can see by the number of views I've received. It is worth MILLIONS.!!


Financial information

I have contacted 5 online stores that have expressed interest in placing my device for sale on their websites. You can purchase it outright, or turn a small investment into millions.

With home security products being in such great demand, you'll agree this product will sell at a very high volume in a very short time.

You can contact me by E-mail at the link below.

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