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Variable Gravity In Home Training Device for Ball Sports

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A variable gravity training device allows a user to train skills in controlling a sports device. The training device has a stationary base, a movable support bar, and a sports device, for example, a ball, a badminton birdie, or a volley ball affixed to the end of the bar. The support bar is weighted, so that the amount of force required to move the sports device is reduced. The weighted bar also reduces the speed with which the sports device returns to its home position. The force adjustment means is adjustable, so that, with training, weights may be removed, so that the conditions governing the sports device correspond to real playing conditions.

Financial information

We are looking for an outright sale of the US Utility Patent and applied for Canadian and European Patents. Royalties will be considered.

The resulting product is a top seller in the Soccer Training Equipment catagory for most of the major online retailers in the US including Dicks Sporting Goods,, and Amazon.

The product is currently being shipped via ebay to 27 countries in small quantities.

Variable Gravity Patents LLC holds the registered trademark of "0g" for zero gravity in
the United States.

Variable Gravity Products holds several websites including,

"In Home" soccer training products is its own space. We have virtually no competition for
indoor training products for the home and no competiton for the utility of slowing a sports balls
vertical descent from apex in soccer, volleyball and basketball.

US has 17 million soccer players and is the largest per capita spending country in the world for
soccer related products.

Patent issues in July 2014. Global sales potential into 9 figures.

Verified product purchase reviews can be found on Amazon by searching "soccer trainer" in the top 5 results.

This product is no gimmick, it actually works. Very low return rate. Currently made in the USA.

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