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Advanced Hear Exchanger for SOLID LIQUID SUSPENSION FLOW

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The patent application teaches a heat exchanger system with a separator and at least two different tube sizes. It is designed to heat a solid liquid suspension flow more efficiently than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. By separating and concentrating the solid particles from a process stream to form a slurry flow, the remainder of the flow is left particle-free; thus it is possible to heat the liquid flow though smaller tube sizes without incurring the additional pressure drop, or worse blockage, that would otherwise happen if the solid particles are not removed. As a result the heat transfer in such liquid flow is much more efficient with the significantly increased heating area.

The slurry flow, being the minority fraction, passes through a couple of “sacrificial” channels; the temperature rise in such slurry flow is expected to be low. However when the slurry flow and liquid flow is recombined at the exit of the heat exchanger, any inefficiency experience in the slurry flow is compensated by the very efficient heat transfer in the liquid flow, resulting in an overall hike in temperature rise.

The amended main claim defines the protection the patent offers, as
“A heat exchanger system arranged to facilitate the heat transfer between a first fluid and a second fluid; wherein the second fluid comprising a plurality of components and the heat exchanger system comprising
a) a separator to at least partially separate the plurality of components into a first stream and a second stream; and
b) a plurality of flow channels to provide flow passage for the second fluid.

characterised in that the plurality of flow channels comprising at least one wide flow channel and a plurality of narrow flow channels to provide flow passage for the first stream and second stream respectively; wherein the at least one wide flow channel has substantially larger hydraulic diameter than each of the plurality of narrow flow channels.”

Financial information

Currently the IPO examiner has no further objection to the main claim. The patent application may find particular use in the food processing industries, e.g. brewing and thermal extraction, where hydrated pulps may swell significantly and cause constriction in the heat exchanger tubes.

I am interested in licensing out the right to the patent. I am also open to selling it outright so that any interested party can develop further to its full potential. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

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