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[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles- DESIGN PATENTS]
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The present invention relates to the cutting edge of a razor’s blade. After reviewing the geometry of the cutting devices for crops harvesting it becomes clear that the best form of the cutting edge is a curve and not a straight line. Considering a scythe like an example of the harvesting devices it can be concluded that its ability relies on its curved cutting edge. In a similar way, a curved shaving blade will be more efficient in cutting hairs than a straight one.

Financial information

This invention is " Patent Pending ".

Key benefits:
For the company: easy to manufacture at low costs, unique design and strong brand name that fits the form.
For the customer: new no ordinary look, no clogging, better shave with “scythe effect”, better visibility (important for those who have moles in the shaving places, or those French beard lovers).
I can send you by request the pictures of the blade and the possible razor as well as the 3D model of the product.

I am looking to sell or license the invention.

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