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The invention is directed to a shower attachment capable of affixing to a standard residential or commercial shower enclosure. The shower attachment uses existing plumbing to supply pressurized water to a water intake, which in turn feeds a vertical assembly. The vertical assembly includes a stabilizing rod having a top end and corresponding back end. A pivot arm having a first portion and corresponding second portion connects to the stabilizing rod. A detachable shower wand is positioned at the second portion of the pivot arm, which is capable of receiving pressurized water from the water intake. In addition, a horizontal assembly connects to the bottom end of the shower attachment to secure the device to the shower enclosure.

Now I have a new patent for a unit that posicions the shower head according to a path of 1.20 mts
whrere you set what distance you want the shower head to go up or down on a path of 1.20 mts long
This unit will revulocionized teh way people bath at hotels,homes ,spas .homecare etc because it can be use for people with motion problem and for people witth normal people will give hydro massages etc ,It is a simple invention but with many atractive uses like
1- A person with motion problem now can gain dignity by bathing by themselves
2-Old people will have great benefits using the unit in their baths
3- now women no need the cab shower they can bath from shoulder downwards
4-tall people no need to have the heigth of standard built ,they can put the unit at the desired heigth for bathing
5-now mothers can put the baby on the baby-shower and the mother with the unit can lower the shower head and can take the abies with both hands no need a jar anymore to bath and take the babies with one hand
6-kids now also can have the shower head close to them and not so high
7-anyone can set the unit to get hydromassage on the desired area of the body for example set up and down his /her back
8_excelent for hospitals and clinic where people get surgery or has a clinical problem give relaxation bath plus people do not bend to get water where desired

once this is odne one can add a brush with sopa and people can soap their backs or their whole body
adding the spinning soap-bath-brush

Like i think it is a simple idea with a lot of future and we have the patent for 20 years

Financial information

i am open to discuss any kind of partnership or roaylty because this is a huge product if succesfull that i can not afford to do by mysaelf because only the posible market in united states it is 90000000 million units but if all hotel of 5 stars and resorts buys the market it is even bigger ,i have the final prototype done and the patents the one that i will like the most it is an investor a group that funds 3000000 us to manufacture to start 20000 units to be sold in united states to start ,to make the company and i give 50 % of the company that the person or group want to invest ,plus i will go to live with my family to united states to work there the whoel project,but also i am open to listen to other ways of deals ,my phone is 00584143089469,
MY name Edgar Lehrer
my invention has never been in the market
nowhere has been sold and the potential market was astudy by the company Invent Help of united states
yes i ahve a brand name What-a-shower ! and yes i am looking for the patent of the self-cleansing -shower that is the accesory that attaches to my units to soap all the body and it is in pending stage
the cost of manufacturin i will give to whoever is interested because we already has the patent and the final product to be mass produce .in other words the homework has been done ,now i need to launch it in the market where we can start in usa or south america first ,because saling will not be the problem ,the problem it is i do not have the fund sto launch it in the worldwide market not even united states i think 20000 units it s nothing to the potential market ,the saling to distributor of the unit will be 170 us dollars as we grow cost lower
so if anyone in united states want to take the risk with me i am willing to hear offers

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