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[Category : - Food]
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This invention relates to a high efficiency apparatus for manufacturing an aqueous wood smoke solution in the form of a liquid smoke desired concentration, and a method of obtaining such aqueous solution using the same apparatus by burning wood, wooden chips or sawdust in a limited amount of air. The apparatus and process disclosed herein is simple, safe, and clean. Wood consumption per unit of liquid smoke is significantly smaller comparing to conventional methods, while the air pollution is reduced to a negligible level.

Same device is used for variety of products such as: Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Alder,
Cherry, Maple, Oak, Pecan, Grape, Mulberry, Orange, and Peach. etc.  flavored
- sauces,
- marinades, and
- liquid smokes

The patented device is compact,  simple, flexible in its capacity, and if necessary even mobile.

Comparing to the existing systems, this device is quite inexpensive to build and maintain, the yield of liquid smoke is of higher quality without need for heavy filtering and additional flavor adjustment, cost of operation is much lower, and it has other useful features which I can discuss in details with interested buyer.

Financial information

I am looking for patent outright sale, but open to other forms of partnership.

Invention has not been previously sold or marketed.

Suitable for emerging company in food industry, with great market potential since there is no competitor on the market able to manufacture whole spectra of products using the same device.

There is no additional intellectual property associated with this invention.

Also, I am willing to assist the buyer with the best practices in building such a device.

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