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[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Appliances and houseware]
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Designed out of necessity when waste collection company required the use of a standardized 96 gal container/tote on wheels to be placed street side for automated waste truck pick up. Living in in a rural setting with a 1,500' gravel driveway, it became a nightmare trying to drag heavy container over gravel & snow covered driveway or to lift container into the back of a pick up and drop at roadside. Now within seconds I can mount the transporter into a Reese Style hitch on my vehicle, easily lift container & drive to roadside for pick up, remove & store transporter attachment in vehicle until time to bring back empty tote. Many people come up with haphazard methods to take container to street, which could cause accidental spills, injury or bodily harm.

Summary of Invention: A hitch mounted waste container transporter for mounting in a standard hitch receiver on a vehicle using a locking pin includes a hitch bar having a first end equipped for connection to the hitch receiver and having a distal end, a hitch bar bracket having a lower end rigidly connected to said distal end of the hitch bar and an upper end which includes a transverse locking pin, an intermediate bar is pivotally connected at its first end to the hitch bar bracket such that the intermediate bar moves between about 0 and 25 degrees from a common axis of the hitch bar, and a rigid container support bar connected to a second end of the intermediate bar which is about 110-115 degrees obtuse to the axis of the intermediate bar having a tine to removably engage a waste container.

Financial information

* Prefer outright sale of Patent, would entertain other offers
* Reason for selling: have another business with patented product in production & distribution
* Estimated material cost $30 per unit (no labor included), lower buying in volume/wholesale
* Prototypes I manufactured available, steel construction, 17 lbs each
* Estimated retail price $175+
* Invention has never been sold or marketed
* Market potential: Rural/Residential, household/commercial establishments with long driveway distance to road side pick up, by refuse companies using robotic arm to lift standardized waste container/tote & dump in truck bin.

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