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Safe-quick Electricial Boxes

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For short..this is an electricial box of any type.(switch-wall receptale-overhead box and especially a remodel box that can easily be installed or reinstalled in remodel construction. This is an outstanding patent for new construction, both residential and commerical. It would be constructed as a one pc unit with no wire nuts involved or over-cramped boxes with too many wires. Can be used in single pole, 2-3-4 way switches, single receptacles and double, overhead lights, fans etc.......Wires can be removed by a simple clip of a clamp but cannot be removed without this procedure. This design patent has passed every electicial standard and safety guidelines that are available before the patent office would pass it. It has an application file of the complete history involved. Wiring diagrams can be obtained from "Montgomery Patent & Design, 375 Southpointe Blvd, Suite 100, Canonsburg, Pa 15317", or by contacting me, "John Osborne, 565 Atkinson Road, Christiansburg, Va., 24073". I am a home builder and home remodel contractor in this area, and very knowledgeable of the need for this product. Thanks

Financial information

I will discuss all options, nothing will be ruled out. But one must understand the financial costs that has been involved in attaining a Design Patent from the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It is approved to be sold both US and International. There is an estimated 50-100 electricial boxes installed in a standard 3 bedroom home being constructed today......think of the labor reduction cost just for this invention. Market potential after discovery of this product would go out the roof because of its easy installment and remodel advantages. You can remove an existing box and install a new one without any damage to existing walls or ceiling, and it in constructed of strong material and almost impossible to damage from normal use. (please....only serious inquires......I have been told that this patent has great potential and a great future for the right person that has the ability to Mfg it) It was a two year process to get this Design Patent approved because of strict safety guidelines, there is nothing left for you to do, except move it forward for sale on the morketplace, which is booming at the present time. (Personal contact info: 1-540-239-0079 or 540-382-2892) .....again please serious inquires only...thanks ..........[Use the button below to contact me]

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