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LAWN RANGER- Adjustable bracing structure for yard bags

[Category : - Agriculture- Lawn and Garden]
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A support structure, primarily for a trash or lawn bag is characterized by two identical bracing supports that are positioned to support the bag when staked into the ground. The bracing supports include a lower leg and an upper leg. Each leg is formed with a specific cross-sectional shape that allows the nesting and close coupling of the lower leg to the upper leg. An elbow or right angle member is releasably attached to the lower leg to fix the depth of the lower leg within the ground and trap the bag between the ground and the elbow member. Slidably received over the upper leg is a retainer clip having a right angle support and an opening having the same outer configuration as the cross-sectional shape of the legs such that the retainer clip may freely slide along the length of the upper leg member. Additionally, the clip includes an angled flange cooperating with the opening to provide mechanical retention of the clip against the leg when the height of the clip is set and the bag is held tight against the right angle support by bag tension.


Bagging leaves and yard debris has never been easier. It’s now a simple one-person job!

The LAWN RANGER holds any size trash bag wide open and is attached to the ground so you can rake or blow leaves directly into the bag without moving or slipping. The enclosed bags can then be used as a composting system. Erect multiple LAWN RANGERS side by side for large jobs.

Financial information

The Lawn Ranger is a leaf, grass and refuse collection system that is simple and easy for single person use. Lawn Ranger is a necessary accessory to anyone who owns a rake or a leaf blower. The Lawn Ranger has many advantages over anything similar on the market today including:

• Accommodates any size trash or lawn bag
• Built in composting capability
• Light-weight and simple to assemble
• Virtually indestructible aluminum/plastic
• Collapses for easy storage
• Multiple Rangers can be set up for large jobs
• Inexpensive (cost of goods less than one dollar)
• Can be used for other applications like holding signs
• Perfect for plastic or wire fence support
• Durable and rigid enough to hold plants or vegetables year after year
• This product is appealing to the environmentally conscientious

A study of this market segment indicates that Lawn Ranger will be the least expensive product to manufacturer and sell. A plastics engineer estimated that the total cost would be less than one dollar in production quantities. Truly a superior retail value to the consumer, Lawn Ranger benefits from a better than average profit margin and patent claims that prevent duplication.

This Patent is Trademarked as Lawn Ranger
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